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hoary adj
1 showing characteristics of age, especially having gray or white hair; "whose beard with age is hoar"-Coleridge; "nodded his hoary head" [syn: gray, grey, gray-haired, grey-haired, gray-headed, grey-headed, grizzly, hoar, white-haired]
2 ancient; "hoary jokes" [syn: rusty]
3 covered with fine whitish hairs or down [syn: canescent] [also: hoariest, hoarier]

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  1. white or gray with age
    the old man bowed his hoary head in acquiescence
  2. of a pale silvery gray.
  3. covered with short, dense, grayish white hairs; canescent
  4. remote in time past
  5. moldy; mossy; musty

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Hoary may refer to:
  • hoary, white or grey with age
  • Hoary bat, a "hairy-tailed bat" (genus Lasiurus) in the family of vesper bats (Vespertilionidae)
  • Hoary catshark, a cat shark of the family Scyliorhinidae found in the western central Atlantic from the Leeward Islands off Antigua and Anguilla
  • Hoary Comma, a species of butterfly, common in boreal North America
  • Hoary Fox (or Hoary zorro), a species of zorro (false fox) endemic to Brazil
  • Hoary-headed Grebe, a member of the grebe family found in Australia and, since 1975, New Zealand, where it is scarce
  • Hoary Marmot, a species of marmot that inhabits the mountains of northwest North America
  • Hoary Hedgehog, the codename for Ubuntu 5.04.

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

acknowledged, admitted, advanced, advanced in life, advanced in years, age-old, aged, ageless, along in years, ancient, antediluvian, antique, argent, argentine, auld, canescent, chalky, conventional, cretaceous, customary, dateless, elderly, established, fixed, fleecy-white, folk, frost-beaded, frost-chequered, frost-covered, frost-fettered, frost-rent, frostbound, frosted, frostlike, frosty, frosty-faced, gray, gray with age, gray-haired, gray-headed, grizzled, grizzly, grown old, hallowed, handed down, heroic, hoar, hoar-frosted, hoaryheaded, immemorial, inveterate, lactescent, legendary, lily-white, long-established, long-standing, marble, marmoreal, milky, mythological, niveous, of long standing, of old, of the folk, of yore, old, old as Methuselah, old as history, old as time, old-time, olden, oral, patriarchal, platinum, prescriptive, pure white, received, recognized, rime-frosted, rimed, rooted, senectuous, silver, silver-bearded, silver-headed, silvered, silvery, snow-white, snowy, swan-white, time-honored, timeless, timeworn, traditional, tried and true, true-blue, understood, unwritten, venerable, white, white as snow, white with age, white-bearded, white-crowned, white-haired, worshipful, wrinkled, wrinkly, years old
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